In short: 

I am an experienced journalist with a particular interest in business, tech and society. Since 2002 I have worked for some of the largest Danish media companies, including Jyllands-Posten and Ingeniøren (The Engineer).


In 2016 I chose to start over. Hence, I began working as a freelance journalist, writer and researcher. Today my customers are traditional media as well as organisations and companies. The bulk of my work includes writing articles, text for different communication purposes and ghostwriting columns and opinions for senior leadership. 


Recently, I was the initiator, consultant and researcher on a documentary about stuttering/stammering for Danish TV2. The film was nominated for the best documentary in 2020. I am also the co-author of a book about women in business. 

I work out of Copenhagen, where I also live with my wife Camilla and our daughters Anna Sofie and Emilie.


I love most things related to food and wine, motorcycling and commencing myself in the different sports that my age and body (b. 1972) still allow me to.